Liberals — Not Safe for Kids (NSFK)

I live in Broward County Florida. The Bermuda Triangle of political scandals. About a year ago, Broward was shocked by the news of a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at Parkland. 17 people died, most of them children.

About everyone in Broward was affected by the tragedy, myself included.

I still remember clearly the day I saw a mutual acquaintance of mine whom personally knew Meadow Pollack (one of the victims) unable to hold back her tears when she thought about Meadow’s fate. Witnessing this image firsthand,with my own eyes concretized the event in a way I had never experienced. I started writing on Medium because of Parkland, because I needed to think about what happened and why it did.

For the “love” of children

It was a sort of sick unintended symbolism that the Parkland school shooting happened on Valentine’s Day. That an act so evil could occur on a day that is dedicated to the celebration of love. Horrified, I asked “How could this possibly happened?” Especially after multiple reports and investigations uncovered that the Parkland tragedy was fully preventable.

Suddenly it hit me like a brick. Liberals claim to love the young. “Think of the children!” is one of their favorite rallying cries.

“Think of how climate change will affect the future of the environment for your grandkids!”

“Young girls should be empowered in the field of science, engineering and tech!”

“Public education for our children is a right!”

“The state and federal government should provide childcare!”

“Do it for the children!”

And yet, it was a liberal School Board that failed to protect the children at Parkland.

It was a liberal Sheriff Office that failed to protect the children at Parkland.

It was an liberal (Obama appointed) Judge who ruled that the authorities didn’t have the obligation to protect the children at Parkland.

The kids at Parkland were simply not safe under the protection of Broward’s liberal district.

Liberals always claim to love and care about the young more than the conservatives, and yet liberals are the ones that are the most predatory against the young.

Leftist (like Reza Aslan) aren’t even hiding their willingness to hurt children anymore

To illustrate this point, observe the incident where the American Left united in their call for violence against Nicholas Sandmann, a mere 16 year old child, for his “crime” of smiling while standing the Lincoln Memorial.

Consider carefully what was implied by this unprecedented low in our political history. Leftist are legitimately arguing that it is okay to punch a child you hate because he disagrees with you — “Forget trying to educate, convince and debate with this child. Just punch his face into submission”.

But the deeper underlying problem is epistemological. Leftist hate Nicholas Sandmann because he; unlike other children they’ve successfully brainwashed and destroyed through the machine of progressive education; did not fall in line under the authority of leftist dogma since he rejects leftist ideas. In order to obtain Nicholas Sandmann’s agreement with leftist causes, the leftist’s argument of persuading him is done from the position of force — “We will punch your face lest you follow suit and change your mind Mr. Sandmann dear”.

Who in good conscience, could hand over the custodian of their children to the Left knowing how liberals would actively advocate violence against children? Liberals are not safe for kids (NSFK).

It occurred to me how the many incidents of harm befalling the young such as Parkland and Covington High has one common denominator — leftist politics.

Since the root of the problem is explicitly clear — leftist ideas — here are a list of examples on why liberals are NSFK.


I wrote an entire article exploring how progressive education destroyed the American mind. Suffice to say, the American education is failing. And the failure of the American education system is by far one of the most dangerous threat to befall the American child. This is troubling because the cultivation of a rational, logical and thinking mind is perhaps the most important purpose of obtaining an education.

Progressive education however, is not concerned with providing the American child with these skills. The average American student, after their stint in the public schools, tend to emerge as vapid and lacking in the core competencies of rational thought. Ignoring even the lack of concrete academic skills such as mathematics, science, reading and writing, most kids struggle just with basic logic. This is done by design by progressive education, for the American children are indoctrinated since a young age to gather knowledge through their “feelings and emotions” instead of their thoughts and judgement.

Putting a child out into the world without the preparation of their intellect to handle reality is setting them up for a lifetime of failure. Progressive education isn’t bothered by this because it is more concerned with socializing the child to fit the mold of their Utopian society.

Destruction of the Family and Home Life

An education is the most important thing in a child’s world, next only to family. Not content with the destruction of the child’s education, leftism also thirst for the destruction of the stable and reliable traditional family structure.

Leftist progressivism considers this the height of evil

Progressive ideas are focused on doing away with the nuclear family. For example feminist ideas propagandize the disposability of the father figure in a child’s life. Single parenthood caused by rampant and irresponsible promiscuity are encouraged. A traditional, supportive, loving family structure is condemned as “nuclear family privilege”.

The lack of a stable and reliable home life rewires the child’s mind to expect chaos and uncertainty to be a part and parcel of their life. Uncertainty in a child’s life is psychologically unhealthy because it signals to the child that it is pointless to make plans and to think about long term consequences since “who knows what the future holds?”

It is unsurprising how a child who grows up in a constant state of instability and uncertainty tend to be stricken with crippling anxiety. Add to that ailment their inability to think because their minds were destroyed by the education system. Anxiety plagues most of our young today because they lack the necessary cognitive skills and the stability at home to know that they can have control over their chaotic lives. The sense of not having control over their own lives is also why the idea of Big Govt Socialism, with its promises of keeping things under control, is so attractive to the young.

Mental Health

Anxiety and depression go hand in hand. More kids are depressed today than ever before. Just listen to the list popular music trending the charts and streaming services and you will find it replete with songs about sadness, hopelessness and self destructiveness. Compare this to the 90s whereby even the melancholy grunge of Nirvana was balanced out by the popularity of the feel-good Macarena among the kids.

Behold mainstream pop culture today

Back then, Goth kids used to hold the “outsider freak” reputation, but today, even the Goth subculture seem like a group of well adjusted, respectable fringe compared to the trendy sub-human culture of today’s kids who see nothing wrong about tattooing someone else’s face on their face.

The normalization of mental illness by the left is mostly to blame for this social condition. Leftist parents brainwash their children into pretending gender doesn’t exist. Add to that the strong endorsement of the victimhood mentality and children will grow up viewing themselves as helpless victims. Helpless victims don’t have control over their lives.

The growing levels of fear, anxiety, and depression helps explain the growing rate of child suicide. Last December, Ariana Grande’s ex-fiancee Pete Davidson blew up celebrity news with his high profile suicide scare on SNL. Granted a 25 year old adult male hardly qualifies as a child (even if he acts like one), but his threat of suicide was a clear illustration on the natural evolution of progressive ideas.

Celebrated representative of my generation, Pete Davidson’s decay in mental health coordinates to the decay of civilization

The Left’s nihilistic crusade to obliterate the idea of gender itself leads to gender dysphoria, and the children most affected by this doctrine suffer the highest rate of suicide attempt. Suicide is a person’s self destruction in its clearest form. When suicide is a genuine option for a person, they stop valuing everything else in the world. So when Pete Davidson joked about his suicide, it follows that he too would openly joke about raping a baby.


Naturally, Pete Davidson’s gag about raping an infant did not make headline news. This is not surprising considering how New York City legalized late term abortion. Progressivism is a political philosophy that holds no love for the young, not even babies. Children are merely tools for the advancement of their political action. Regardless of one’s opinion on abortion, the Left’s love for this practice is sickening.

Virginia Democrat on the legalizing of infanticide

Safety of Minors

I’ve illustrated the multiple levels of failure the Democrat controlled Broward County School Board in keeping the children at Parkland safe. Forgetting even the deep seated corruption of the school district’s administrators of treating Broward’s schools as grounds for their own social experiments, they refused to allow qualified teachers to bear arms for the protection of their students. Had Ron DeSantis not won the Governorship of Florida, the Democrat controlled Broward County would still have retained the leadership of failed Sheriff Scott Israel, the man culpable for the “Broward Coward”.

Both children shot dead in Chicago despite heavily restricted gun laws

Progressive politics is obsessed with gun control, and yet cities touting the strictest gun laws are also the ones with the most gun violence. Chicago leads with the most number of children getting murdered in the hands of violent criminals. As the tired cliche goes “If we outlaw guns, only criminals will have guns”, so is the cliche of Chicago’s gun violence rate rising in correlation with the city’s temperature. News of children dying in the crossfires of gang related violence is treated like Chicago’s own Groundhog Day, signifying the arrival of summer.

If children dying in Chicago from gang violence isn’t enough to horrify someone, perhaps girls in Michigan being subjected to female genital mutilation might. But the disease of progressive politics isn’t restricted to just America. Overseas in Britain, Tommy Robinson was arrested for trying to uncover the story of a Pakistani sexual grooming gang where he was sent to jail for 13 months in a prison with the highest Muslim population, the inmates out for his neck. Tommy Robinson’s story illustrated clearly the Left’s priority in safeguarding their corrupt policies over protecting innocent girls from the exploitation of pedophilic rape gangs. The desecration of childhood innocence is why our society today nonchalantly brushes off Pete Davidson’s joke about raping a baby.

The Nefarious Sexualization of children

A child in drag posing with a naked adult

Pedophilia is evil. I don’t even want to explain why. When you are presented with a helpless child, the last thing on your mind should be “how can I utilize this kid’s innocence and vulnerability to benefit my own end?”

And yet, this is exactly what is done by the nihilistic culture from the left. Nothing is sacred anymore, not even the sanctity of childhood.

We have reached an era of unprecedented cultural perversion that the degradation of a child in drag performing for the pleasure of adults at a strip club is met with celebration by the mainstream media instead of an absolute and unconditional condemnation by all adults.

Immigration and the Migrant Caravan

Time Magazine has no shame about exploiting a crying child to their own end

There were numerous reports and evidence about children being sexually and violently abused in the case of the migrant caravan, and yet, liberal media preferred to superimpose a false image of a toddler crying on Time magazine — another clear exploitation of children for their own agenda.

Ignoring the sophomoric quality of the Photoshop which managed to make even the photo of Pulitzer Prize winning photographer look like an assignment for The National Inquirer, Time Magazine had no shame in profiting from that crying toddler’s distress. What do they care? They successfully sold magazines and it help further their agenda. The child be damned.

Regardless of one’s opinion on immigration, we can all agree that no child should be placed under the danger, stress and trauma of traversing an open wasteland.

Remember why we fight

The battle for justice and accountability in Broward is ongoing. A year has passed and the parents of Parkland’s victims are continuing on the fight to ensure Parkland doesn’t happen again.

The tragedy of Parkland united like minded individuals in Broward who saw the scope of corruption and evil into coming together and forming a community focused on fighting back. Like a light in darkness, they bring hopes of improvement despite Broward being one of the bluest liberal stronghold in Florida.

Evidence strongly points to the forces of good potentially winning because the Parkland parents never stopped fighting for their children, even after their children is but a memory. The parents’ continuous fight despite the odds stacked against them was what inspired me to join in the battle, when before I had been just another embittered millennial, cynical about political change.

America herself would stand to gain by taking a page from the Parkland parents' book and fight the good fight to protect America’s children. And the way to effectively defeat radical Leftism is through upholding exceptional American values, proudly and unapologetically.

Broward’s community showing up in support of the good fight. This was a protest against City Furniture’s backing of failed Superintendent Robert Runcie

Recently, in one of these ongoing struggle for justice, Parkland parents Andrew Pollack, Ryan Petty and Max Schachter organized a demonstration against City Furniture to hold the company accountable for its objectionable support of the failed Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie.

At this demonstration, my spouse in conversation with Mr. Pollack mentioned how I was planning to write an article about how liberals are not safe for kids. Mr. Pollack, after a momentary pause of poignancy, replied somberly in a serious tone — “They are not safe for anyone.”

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