How to properly understand this system

Image composite from Hearts of Iron IV

Have you ever wondered why, despite the continuous systemic failures of socialistic, communistic or fascistic regimes, — as evidently proven by the observable catastrophes of 2018’s Venezuela, Mao’s China, and the Soviet Union — this idea of the Utopian collectivist commune just never seems to die? …

The reason for why he is hated so deeply by the left and a target of constant physical attacks.

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This may strike as something difficult to imagine, but even politicians at one point of their lives aren’t politicians. Before he became the Congressman from Kentucky, Senator Rand Paul was Dr. Rand Paul (MD). His pre-political civilian days were spent as an ophthalmologist (an eye surgeon.) His medical practice centers…

S.G. Cheah

I write for pleasure and I write because writing helps me think critically.

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